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Can porcelain dinnerware be glazed?

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Can porcelain dinnerware be glazed? There are many ceramic crafts in our life, and most of them choose overglaze color when coloring. Overglaze color is a very bright color, which can create a variety of patterns and artistic effects. But overglaze color also has disadvantages. We usually don't recommend overglaze color for tableware. Because the overglaze color is very easy to fade, if you often use water washing, it is easy to fade. And the amount of lead dissolved in overglaze color is very high, which is harmful to human body. Now let's see if tableware can be glazed.
porcelain dinnerware: don't choose overglaze color
porcelain dinnerware has various shapes, delicate and smooth, bright colors and is easy to clean. It is the first dazzle for most families to buy Tableware. However, the colored glaze on the surface of ceramics may become healthy * * *. Lead, * * *, radium, * * * and other elements in colored glaze are harmful to human body.
The production methods of porcelain dinnerware are divided into overglaze color, underglaze color and underglaze color. Overglaze colored ceramics are made of pigment, pasted on the glaze or painted directly on the product surface with pigment, and then baked at low temperature. Because the baking temperature cannot reach the melting degree of the glaze layer, the flower surface cannot sink into the glaze. Touch the overglaze colored ceramics with your hand, and you feel that the flower surface has an obvious concave convex feeling. The baking temperature of in glaze color ceramics can make the glaze melt, and the pigment can sink into the glaze. After cooling, it is covered by the glaze layer. The surface of the product is smooth, and there is no obvious concave convex feeling by hand. All underglaze colored ceramics are decorated on the porcelain blank. After glazing, they are fired at a high temperature. The flower surface is covered by the glaze layer, which looks bright, flat and smooth.
Harmful metals mainly come from overglaze pigments. The radioactive element radium will kill white blood cells. * * Lead and * * * are heavy metals, * * * and lead will cause * * * viscera or other visceral poisoning, * * * will cause * * *, * * * hardening. When overglaze tableware is used for a long time to hold foods with high acid content such as vinegar, wine, fruit juice, vegetables, etc., heavy metals such as lead in the tableware will dissolve out and accumulate in the human body together with the food, and chronic heavy metal poisoning will be caused after a long time.
In order to reduce costs, some small ceramic manufacturers purchase cheap raw materials with high lead and * * * content and unstable performance. In the production process, the lead dissolution of ceramic products will not meet the standard due to factors such as too large decorative area, insufficient flower baking temperature or improper processing by workers. Even some individual and private enterprises, in order to make more profits, arbitrarily shorten the baking time or reduce the baking temperature, and use the old-fashioned baking stove that relies entirely on the experience of workers, which seriously restricts the quality of porcelain dinnerware.
Glass tableware: there are many hidden dangers of "crystal glass"
Glass meal has the characteristics of high hardness, stable chemical properties, smooth and clean surface, environmental protection and so on. Glass tableware is clean and does not contain toxic substances.
Crystal glass tableware is a very dangerous source of lead pollution. As the content of * * * in crystal products is as high as 20 ~ 30%, using it to hold water generally will not cause lead poisoning, but if it is used to hold wine, the wine will dissolve the lead in crystal glass products. The longer the time is, the more the amount of dissolution will be. Similarly, when crystal glass containers are used to hold foods, especially acidic foods such as cola, * * * and fruit juice, lead ions are also easy to form soluble lead salts, which are ingested by the human body with beverages or foods, seriously endangering health. Therefore, crystal glass products are called "beautiful * * *" by scientists.
Through the above understanding, I believe everyone knows that tableware generally can't be glazed, because tableware glaze color has certain harm to human body, can damage human health, and is easy to cause food poisoning and lead poisoning. Overglaze color is generally a serving method used in some decorative ceramic painting. Ceramic utensils that have direct contact with the body * * * do not use overglaze color. When we choose tableware, we also need to avoid using tableware with overglaze color. If the tableware will fade, * * * Don't use it, which means that the capacity of lead is relatively high.


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