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How to choose porcelain dinnerwar?

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porcelain dinnerwar is very popular in modern times, and most household tableware is made of ceramic. With the progress of the times and the development of technology, the styles of porcelain dinnerwar are also more colorful. At the same time, special care needs to be taken in the selection of porcelain dinnerwar. After all, there will be some substandard ceramics on the market, and the use of on-glaze colors containing lead and other metals will cause certain harm to human health after a long time. So how to choose porcelain dinnerwar? Let's take a look!

   1. First, carefully observe when selecting to see whether the color of the ceramics and the appearance pattern are uniform, whether the glaze is smooth or not rough, and then the inner wall of the tableware can be touched if possible. If it is a good-quality ceramic, there will be no unevenness of small particles.

   2. In addition to looking at the color, glaze, etc., you also need to carefully check for damage, spots, bubbles or even cracks. Metal spills and should not be used.

   3. When choosing porcelain decorated with gold and silver, we can wipe it with our hands. It is the top grade that does not fade and is smooth and shiny.

   4. When purchasing porcelain dinnerwar, we can also tap a few times. If the sound is crisp, the quality is better, and if the sound is dull, it is inferior.

   5. For porcelain dinnerwar with thin tires, it can be looked after under the sunlight or light, it has a sense of transparency, it is thin and light, and the quality of the uniform thickness is better.

   6. If you want to buy a complete set of porcelain dinnerwar, you need to look at the overall style, whether the glaze color, picture, luster, and style of each piece are consistent, symmetrical and coordinated. If it is rough and inconsistent, and the picture is messy, it is not suitable to buy.

   7. You can also smell the porcelain dinnerwar when purchasing. If there is an odor, it can only mean that the tableware has more harmful elements and should not be purchased. The state stipulates that porcelain dinnerwar must be soaked in 4% acetic acid solution before leaving the factory, and the dissolution of lead in tableware should be less than 7 mg/L, and the dissolution of cadmium should be less than 0.5 mg/L. Regular manufacturers will meet the requirements. This regulation, but it is difficult to say that small vendors or informal channels to buy. The porcelain dinnerwar produced by Aito Minoyaki is fired at 1260 ℃ with an Anxin non-toxic glaze, and the safety standard far exceeds the Japanese and Chinese standards.

   8. For the purchased porcelain dinnerwar, it can be boiled in boiling water for 5 minutes before use, or soaked in vinegar for 2-3 minutes, which can remove most of the toxic substances and greatly reduce the potential harm of porcelain dinnerwar to the human body.

   9. When using porcelain dinnerwar, do not store acidic food and beverages such as fruit juice, wine, and coffee for a long time. Because the longer the porcelain dinnerwar holds acidic food or beverages and the higher the temperature, the easier it is to dissolve lead, which is equal to aggravating the toxic and side effects of lead dissolution.

   Having said so much, will you choose porcelain dinnerwar?


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