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How to distinguish ceramic bowls from imitation bowls

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1. Recognition place
It is best to go to large shopping malls or supermarkets and professional kitchenware stores to buy regular products.
2. Look at the label
There is a QS mark (enterprise food production license) on the bottom label of the bowl.
3. Look at the price
Urea formaldehyde resin is generally 5000 yuan per ton, while melamine resin is about 1450 yuan. Therefore, the formal imitation porcelain bowls are generally on the right at 10 yuan, and the ones below 10 yuan are basically fake.
4. Pick Color
At present, the imitation porcelain bowls sold in the market are the most brightly colored or attractive, often using urea formaldehyde resin. Inferior imitation porcelain tableware is highly toxic and must not be used! Qualified porcelain like tableware can only be used for 1-3 years, because the tableware surface may crack if it is used for too long, and toxic substances will be dissolved when high-temperature food is stored. In addition, the newly bought imitation porcelain tableware had better be boiled in boiling water with vinegar for twoorthree minutes to release harmful substances. So as long as the usage is appropriate, the qualified imitation porcelain bowl is still very safe.


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