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How to choose ceramic tableware

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1. select products from regular manufacturers. At present, the products of regular manufacturers can basically meet the requirements of national regulations.
2. pay attention to the quality of the tableware when buying. Touch the surface of the tableware with your hand to see if the inner wall is smooth. Do not buy Ceramic tableware with too bright colors.
3. when purchasing porcelain utensils for microwave ovens, products with metal decoration should be avoided, such as products with gold edges, silver edges, gold decorative patterns or metal wire inlaid patterns. When purchasing, attention should be paid to whether the pattern color is bright. For products that are not bright, the temperature may not meet the requirements when baking flowers, and the dissolution of lead and cadmium is often high.
4. for products that are not at ease, they can be soaked in vinegar for several hours. If there is a significant change in color, they should be discarded. Pay special attention to those products that can wipe the patterns by hand. This kind of products often have a very high amount of lead and cadmium dissolution.


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