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porcelain dinnerware maintenance

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1、 Ceramic tableware maintenance - boiling disinfection
Most of the finished ceramic tableware contains some elements that are seriously harmful to our human health. For example, the familiar lead is one of them. Therefore, generally, newly purchased ceramic tableware can be disinfected by soaking all tableware in water until boiling with a certain concentration of vinegar fusion water, which can remove some toxic substances on tableware.
2、 Maintenance of ceramic tableware - salt boiling strengthening
At the beginning, the newly purchased ceramic tableware can be boiled in salt water for a period of time. In this way, the ceramic products will not be easily broken during use, thus prolonging their service life and saving expenses for the family.
3、 Maintenance of ceramic tableware - cleaning after use
To clean the used ceramic tableware, first use hot water to thoroughly dissolve the oil stains on the whole tableware, and then use loofah to wipe it completely, and then rinse it thoroughly with cold water.
4、 Maintenance of ceramic tableware - placement method


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